Bathroom Installation in Guiseley | Bathroom Plumbing Maintenance Tips

As something that we use on a daily basis, a bathroom is one of the most important rooms of a house and requires regular cleaning. This is particularly true for large families or homeowners with young children. While most people in the Guiseley area clean their bathrooms regularly, they overlook some simple maintenance works that can avoid potentially expensive and inconvenient problems with a bathroom’s plumbing.


As a company of time-served, local and emergency plumbers specialising in services such as bathroom installations and property maintenance, you can trust Wrose Elite Plumbing to help to keep your bathroom at its best for as long as possible.


Some of the helpful tips from our local plumbers include:


  • Cleaning the Bathroom Sink – No matter whether you’ve had the same bathroom suite for years or you recently had a new bathroom installation at your home in Guiseley, keeping your sink clean prevents the build-up of soap scum, toothpaste, shaving foam and hair, which can result in a clogged drain. We suggest adding a weekly clean to your regular property maintenance chores, being sure to use a good quality drain cleaner, to keep your sink from developing issues with poor drainage and having to call our emergency plumbers to sort it.
  • Cleaning your Showerhead – If you favour showers over baths, you’ll know that decent water pressure is essential for a good shower. Our local plumbers recommend cleaning your showerhead regularly to keep it clear from limescale, and from time to time soak it overnight in a bowl of vinegar. This will not only remove any limescale build-up, but it will also clean the showerhead’s inlet and outlet holes, keeping water pressure at its highest.
  • Cleaning the Bathtub – If you are lucky enough to have a bathtub at your home in the Guiseley area, there’s a simple property maintenance trick to avoid having to contact our emergency plumbers to unclog the drain. Just as with bathroom sinks, bubble bath, shower gel, soap and hair can cause a blocked drain. Regularly cleaning the bathtub should help reduce the potential for remnants of bath products and other such deposits to create a build-up. Using a drain cleaner from time to time will also help.
  • Upgrade your Showerhead - As part of a new bathroom installation, consider purchasing a showerhead with a filtration system included. This will help to nullify the effects of hard water, which not only restricts the build-up of limescale but also reduces water marks on shower screens and cubicle doors.
  • Take Care of your Toilet – Every house in Guiseley has at least one toilet, and it is essential to keep it functioning properly at all times to prevent overflowing, blockages and leaky pipes. If you want to avoid calling an emergency plumber in the middle of the night because of a malfunctioning toilet, our local plumbers advise that you never flush anything other than toilet paper. This includes wet wipes, sanitary towels and products, cotton buds or even dental floss.


Regularly performing such property maintenance tasks will help to keep your bathroom functioning properly for as long as possible, without the need for a new bathroom installation.


If, however, you have had the same appliances in your Guiseley home for years and are in dire need of an upgrade, our local plumbers will make the bathroom of your dreams a reality.


Simply contact us for an initial consultation, as part of our bathroom installation service.

Call our local plumbers on 07460 504 240 for property maintenance tips, bathroom installations and emergency plumber services in the Guiseley area.

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